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What is Army Ants?

Deep deep in the forest floors of central and South America, try to seek them, it's impossible. As dangerous as an elephant but as tiny as a grain of sand…Army Ants…

Army ant worker


These incredibly dangerous insects can grow from 8mm to 12mm of length! Most of them are light brown but some can be reddish. They are very fast and intelligent. These insects are the most dangerous species of ants in the world. They can devour, dissolve, and eat a cow in a matter of hours. Scientists say that they can use their two front antennas to use the sense of smell but some people say that that isn't true.


Army Ants don’t have an exact predator because most people and animals step on them so they consider any moving thing a predator for them. Any animal or living thing can be eaten and dissolved by army ants, and that’s why they have such a good diet.

Army Ants love to feed on wasps, some insects and other animals that might have died but most delicious the Leaf Cutter Ants. Again Army Ants can eat any animal. They use their two front teeth and claws to bit and throw a type of venom that works as an acid to dissolve any type of skin. That is one way they have learned to survive.

Army Ants have also learned to survive in a huge team of ants called colonies. This way the ants have more chances of getting food or fight another animal easily. In only one colony of ants there can be from 5000 to 18,500 ants!

Army Ants have also learned to live on trees and underground to have less risk of being stepped and that’s why there are so many of them.

Army Ants are truly not endangered. Maybe million of them are eaten of stepped every day but trillions of them are born each day too! People don’t really want to get into their territories, squash their nests or step on them but if they do chances are that it will end your life.

Army Ants Specific

Army Ants, closely related to the driver ants, eat arthropods which makes it easy to consume that many animals in one day.


Army ants nest
A colony of Army Ants!


Army ant colonies are like most other colonies; they have one wingless queen, millions of blind female workers, and millions of male soldiers. The species of Army Ants, and more particularly the soldiers, is known as Eciton burchelli . The soldiers are about one to two inches long including their two mighty mandibles.

The soldiers' main jobs are to protect the queen, gather or kill food, and to attack enemy colonies. All of the soldiers are male and are born with their two giant front mandibles. The mandibles are used for killing, carrying large objects, and digging. The mandibles are so huge that the soldiers have to depend on the workers to feed them.


Army ant
Army or soldier ant


A single queen can lay from 100,000 to 300,000 eggs in one lay! Ants don’t really have a mating pattern but the queen spends most of her time mating and laying eggs. Their survival rate can be from 3 to 13 months. Army Ants are really one of the most interesting creatures in the world!

The females (shown below) in the colony are like most other females in other colonies because their jobs are to tend the eggs and queen ant. All females are blind, so they have to move around by chemical trails. The females' other jobs are to feed the queen and soldiers as stated earlier. The females are scientifically known as Eciton hamatum.


Female army ants
Female army ants


The queen ant is the thing that holds the colony together. The queen is pretty much the brain of the colony and controls the other ants. She is the biggest of the ants.


It is considered that Army Ants are some of the most efficient animals, or insects, in the tropics. To back this theory, a most obvious explain would be how they consume their prey. Army Ants form a giant group made up of millions of soldier ants. They then storm the tropics, killing and devouring anything in their path. If they come to a large animal, like an entangled cow, the soldiers will gradually start to cover it and when it is totally covered, they will cut the animal into small pieces without touching the internal organs so it gets eaten alive. After the animal has been cut up into tiny pieces, the worker ants follow a chemical trail to the food and carry it back to the nest. Then all the ants go back to the nest and rest while consuming their great feast. Those animals that could stand a chance against the ants are few, but one of those animals is us, humans. If you ever visit the tropics, watch out or you'll be carried off as their food!

In conclusion we realize hoe powerful and inteligent are these creatures are also realize that you don’t want to mess with them!!!

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